Professional roof inspection

Roof is the subject to permanent impact of the natural environment. Well-scheduled roof inspection could help you to detect flaws and fracture processes and to classify the reasons behind them.

Roofing services: roof inspection

You should conduct or order an expert inspection when facing following situations:

  • purchasing or selling a house;
  • remodeling or reconstruction repairs;
  • major repairs;
  • Seriously damaged roofing frame.

When investigating the reasons for cracks, defects and damaged areas of a roof, design features, a type of a roof and covering material are taken into account as long as each type of construction is prone to its own defects. For instance, defects in flashing can be caused by structural fault, negligence of erection procedure or altering of appropriate operation conditions.

Defected flashing can leads to leaking roof, which effects the material structure, bringing down resistibility. We are strongly recommend to stop delaying the moment of contacting our company to order professional roof inspection.

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