Major tile repairs

This type of repairs implies replacement of a frame of roof and roof coating. The procedure takes place when more than 50% of roofing was damaged as the result of either effects of physical impact or absence of scheduled repairs. You can also conduct major tile repairs if your roof coating was not under repairs for 10-20 years.

Roof tiles. On some particular qualities

Due to the major repairs, one have to replace frame of roof, flashing, vapour control barrier and coating material. If the frame of roof is not affected by fouling and has no breaches, there is no need to replace it. As for the roof coating which is damaged and has an amount of low spots, it should be replaced.

The first step is deconstruction of former frame of roof and replacing it with the new one, which is made of qualitative poling boards. Then you should lay damp-proof course outside framing, warmth-keeping material inside and conduct groundwork. Finally, you should install rainwater downpipe system, a ridge of a roof and some elements of exterior design. Contact us to get marvelous services at affordable price.

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